Friday, 15 March 2013

Cheap Hotels in Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador is becoming a more and more popular destination for tourists every year and although Quito, the capital is an attraction for these visitors itself, most only stay in transit in Quito before taking Ecuador buses 'buses de Ecuador' to famous cities like Guayaquil, Loja, and many others. Nearly all though find themselves spending at least one night at hotel en Quito.

Many of these in transit visitors, whether it is to save money for their final destination, or because they are on a budget, always seem to require cheap hotels in Quito, for the period of their stop over.

Cheap Hotels Quito

It is perhaps fortunate then, that Quito has an abundance of cheap hotels to offer any visitors.

Even if you are intending to stay in Quito and are not just passing through, Quito can offer a wide variety of cheap accommodations. There is an extensive array of hostels in Quito but if, whilst still on a budget, you want that little extra comfort of a hotel, there are plenty of cheap hotels in Quito, one of which is sure to suit your needs.

Although public transport within Quito is relatively cheap, it is always better to try and find accommodations close to your main points of interest.

With this in mind, it is probably advisable to look on the internet, prior to your arrival and locate the addresses of some of the cheap hotels in the vicinity of where you would like to stay. Even if you do not wish to book a hotel online, it will still save you some leg work on arrival by knowing where and what to look for. Whilst online, check out prices in order to give yourself an idea of what you can expect to pay when physically locating a hotel.

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