Monday, 11 March 2013

Best Time to Visit Ecuador - When should you visit?

Traveling to Ecuador for vacations has for a long time been the choice of thousands every year. Probably best known for its Galapagos Islands, Ecuador itself though, has much to offer the visitor.

The best time of the year for Ecuador travel, is dependent on which part of Ecuador you intend to visit as Ecuador has four distinct climate zones. Each of these climate zones then, has its own weather patterns and therefore each with its own best times to visit.

In the highlands of the Andes Mountains around the city of Quito, the cooler and dryer conditions are in the winter, from June to September. Summer, from December to March is slightly warmer but is also the rainy season. Bearing in mind that temperatures often depend as much on altitude as climate, it is recommended to visit the Andes Mountains during the dry season.

The Pacific Coastal region has a rainy season from December to May and a dry season from June to September. Although the cooler waters of the dry season may attract the Whales and Dolphins, the waters are considered to be a little chilly for us, so if a beach holiday is what you want, then the warmer rainy season is recommended.

If you want to trek the rainforests and marshy lowlands of the Orient in the East of Ecuador, August to November are recommended. This region experiences rain all year round, but the heavier rains occur from December to April.

The Galapagos Islands situated about 500 miles off the Ecuador coast experience a rainy season from December to May when the waters are warmer. The dry season is from June to December and the waters are cooler but rougher. The best time to visit these islands will depend on what you want to see. Sea Lion nesting occurs in the warmer rainy season whilst the Albatross and Penguins appear during the colder months.


Peak Time for Travel to Ecuador

Regardless of where they are going, most tourists travel to Ecuador in what has become its peak period and that is more dependent on holiday seasons in the United States and Europe than the climate in Ecuador. That means that most tourists visit Ecuador between June and August or December and January, regardless of the optimum weather conditions.

Obviously the peak season also attracts the higher prices, so if you are looking for a budget holiday or just want to keep the expenses down, travel in the off season; besides it may prove to be the correct time for what you intend to do anyway.


Traveling in Ecuador

With the exception of flights to the Galapagos Islands, flights within Ecuador can be fairly cheap, maybe even affordable for the visitor on a budget to take at least one flight during their stay. Ecuador buses are the more popular means of transport but ensure you have your Passport handy, as the transit police checks are regular.

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